Fikri Films is an Australian independent film production company. Kicking off in 2012, when founder Ozan “Ozzie” Fikri pulled together some close friends and family to shoot a short six-minute film called Initiation for one of the world’s largest short film contests, Tropfest Australia. Ozan, a graduate of the McDonald College Strathfield, always knew he wanted to make films. He started as the light boy for a small outfit on the Sydney wedding circuit in the late ‘80s. This is why Ozzie has got wedding films in his blood. When Ozzie switched from video cameras to digital SLRs, he fell in love with wedding imagery all over again, and has made a promise that he will try and better each wedding film as they come along.


Since shooting with DSLRs, Ozzie has shot 20 weddings, 28 advertisement videos, two short films and 60 real estate property videos. He has produced and shot a 13-part television series for Channel 44 TVS (Television Sydney), titled Highlands TV. This aired three times a week, one of which was 7pm, Friday night prime-time television. Ozzie has also produced and shot three music videos and several acting showreels.


Ozzie feels that the way he shoots wedding films has brought a long-lost interest back into hiring cinematographers for weddings. With his new highlight reels, that can be shared almost a week after the wedding on social networks such as YouTube and Facebook and Instagram, this style of wedding recording has become very popular in current weddings.


One of Ozzie’s favourite pastimes is reading comments about his highlights reels on social networks to the bride and groom. He actually said to me that if it didn’t take up so many hours, that he would shoot weddings for free - and the accolades as payment.